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Bio Bizz

Acti vera Acti vera
£6.20 - £19.70
Out of stock
Alga Mic Alga Mic
£14.95 - £104.45
In stock
Alga Mic BioBizz Alg-A-Mic is an all organic additive, stimulant, and vitality booster for plants that utilises the many benefits of cold-pressed seaweed concentrate. The high-quality seaweed formula contains a healthy mix of micronutrients (including magnesium and calcium), vitamins, amino acids, and beneficial hormones derived from vegetables. Alg-A-Mic can be used during all stages of growth as…
Bio Bloom Bio Bloom
£9.80 - £66.30
In stock
Bio Bloom Bio Bloom is a vegetable based, all-organic complete fertiliser designed for use during the productive flowering and fruiting stage of plant development. BioBizz Bio Bloom has an NPK ratio of 2-7-4 to ensure there’s a small amount of nitrogen and plenty of phosphorus and potassium to stimulate abundant floral and fruit growth. During the flower and fruiting stage of development plants ne…
Bio Grow Bio Grow
£9.00 - £61.30
In stock
Bio Grow BioBizz Bio Grow is an all organic growth promoter made from 100% Dutch sugar beet extract. This potent growth formula is a complete fertiliser solution containing everything your plants need. Enriched with 70 trace elements, natural sugars, humic acids, kelp, and vitamins B1, B2, C and E; Bio Grow is one of the best organic growth promoters out there. BioBizz Bio Grow has an NPK ratio of…
Bio Heaven Bio Heaven
£22.20 - £660.20
In stock
Bio Heaven BioBizz Bio Heaven is an all-organic biological stimulant for your plants. Created from natural protein sources Bio Heaven is packed full of amino acids (the basic building blocks of proteins and enzymes) which are essential for the healthy structure and metabolism of your plants. Feeding your plants on these biological building blocks has several key benefits, from boosting energy leve…
Fish Mix Fish Mix
£11.10 - £34.60
In stock
Fish Mix BioBizz Fish Mix is a complete, all-organic fertiliser designed for use with all soil mixtures. As one of the first organic fertilisers to hit the Netherlands, Fish Mix has steadily built an international reputation as being an outstanding plant fertiliser. Even with today’s competitive market it is still considered one of the best organic products out there. With an NPK ratio of 5-1-4, F…
Leaf Coat Leaf Coat
£9.70 - £16.10
Out of stock
Leaf Coat BioBizz Leaf Coat is an all-organic foliar spray made from natural latex. It was primarily designed to limit evaporation. However, Leaf Coat will also help strengthen your plants and increase their resistance to pests and moulds - Insects really can’t stand the stuff. Leaf Coat comes ready-to-use in a spray bottle and takes effect a few hours after application. It works by forming a very…
Root juice Root juice
£12.40 - £194.20
In stock
Root juice Root Juice is a 100% vegetable based all-organic root stimulator that boosts existing root growth and encourages the development of new roots. It is very effective at creating an abundance of new roots when applied to rooted cuttings, but it can be used throughout the whole growing period to stimulate root growth and production. Root Juice works by stimulating the biological activity th…
Top Max Top Max
£13.00 - £340.00
In stock
Top Max BioBizz Top Max is an all-organic stimulator designed for use during the flowering and fruiting stage of development. It is tailored for use in soil based systems but can be safely used in coco and hydroponics based systems too. Top Max works by increasing the rate of cell division on flowering and fruiting plants, which in turn increases the size and number of flowers and fruits. It stimu…


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