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AKTRIvator granuals soil mix AKTRIvator granuals soil mix
£13.99 - £58.95
In stock
CANNA AkTRIvator CANNA AkTRivator is a natural and organic product that protects your plants against soil diseases. AkTRivator stimulates the growth of roots and root hairs as well. It's suitable for young and older plants. AkTRIvator can be used with all growing systems. It consists of clay and beneficial fungi, called Trichoderma. There are two varieties: AkTRIvator Powder and AkTRIvator Granule…
Aqua Flores Aqua Flores
£15.50 - £74.95
In stock
CANNA Aqua Flores CANNA Aqua Flores is a complete nutrient for plants, containing all the essential elements for optimal flowering. Aqua Flores is used in recirculating systems, such as NFT or ebb and flow systems. Advantages of Aqua Flores In the plant’s exuberant generative (blooming) phase, it is vitally important that all necessary nutrients are available directly and in the right quantities.…
Aqua Vega Aqua Vega
£15.95 - £74.95
In stock
CANNA Aqua Vega CANNA Aqua Vega is a fast working nutrient for plants containing all the essential elements for optimal growing. The growing phase is important, because during this phase the plants lay the basis for an exuberant bloom and yield. Aqua Vega is used in recirculating systems, such as NFT or ebb and flow systems. Advantages of CANNA Aqua Vega Aqua Vega is easy to use and dissolves dire…
Boost Accelerator Boost Accelerator
£24.95 - £189.00
In stock
CANNABOOST Accelerator CANNABOOST Accelerator boosts the metabolism of your plants. This is important, because the uptake of nutrients depends greatly on the plant's health and metabolism rate. CANNABOOST is specially developed for short cycle plant varieties. The advantages of growing with CANNABOOST Accelerator include: Better Yield CANNABOOST stimulates the development of new flowers. Because o…
Canna Coco A+B Canna Coco A+B
£14.95 - £64.95
In stock
CANNA Coco A & B CANNA Coco A & B is a complete professional nutrient for growing plants in coco. It contains all the essential elements for optimal growing and flowering. Thanks to the special characteristics of coco substrate CANNA COCO doesn’t have a Vega and Flores variant, but there is one unique formulation for both the growth and blooming phase. We can’t make things easier! CANNA COCO is ea…
Canna Flush Canna Flush
£10.40 - £40.50
In stock
CANNA FLUSH CANNA FLUSH is a product to clean substrates and plants from any excess nutrients. This is necessary, because excess nutrients can have a bad influence your next growth cycle. They could lead to over-fertilisation or malnutrition, for example. Why should you use CANNA FLUSH? When used just before harvest it makes sure the plant gets rid of all excess, which will lead to a clean and tas…
Canna mono calcium Canna mono calcium
Out of stock
Canna mono calcium The plant tissues are optimally stabilised by using CANNA Calcium. It stabilises the cell wall, influences growth hormones and regulates the transport of water and nutrients in the plant. In addition liquid calcium can be directly absorbed by the plant, so that the cell tissue is immediately strengthened. CANNA Calcium can be used as calcium fertiliser to replenish a deficiency…
Canna mono magnesium Canna mono magnesium
Out of stock
Canna mono magnesium CANNA Magnesium is essential for photosynthesis. It is an essential atom in chlorophyll. Furthermore, magnesium influences other pigments and physiological processes. This makes it an essential element in the development of the plant. CANNA Magnesium can be directly absorbed by the plant and therefore the effects can be seen quite soon. It can be used as a fertiliser for magne…
Canna mono nitrogen Canna mono nitrogen
Out of stock
Canna mono nitrogen CANNA Nitrogen stimulates the growth of your plants. It plays a major part in the production of proteins and in the energy metabolism, which is essential for the development of the plant. It can be used for nitrogen deficiency and as a supplementary nutrient to stimulate the growth. CANNA Nitrogen is also an essential nutritional element for improving the juice production. The…
Canna mono phosphorus Canna mono phosphorus
In stock
Canna mono phosphorus CANNA Phosphorus influences the bloom and the secondary metabolites and can in addition directly be absorbed by the plant due to its liquid form. CANNA Phosphorus is the perfect product for stimulating the bloom or cure the phosphorus deficiency of the plant. It is an essential element that plays a major part in the plant's energy system.
Canna mono potassium Canna mono potassium
In stock
Canna mono potassium You can optimally improve the quality and the quantity of the blooming top by using CANNA Organo Potassium. This organic product makes the cell wall stronger and in addition increases the resistance. CANNA Organo Potassium improves the bloom, the production of proteins and carbohydrates. Also, it improves the water management and the transport of water and nutrients in the pla…


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