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General Hydroponics

GHE diamond nectar GHE diamond nectar
£12.80 - £20.95
In stock
GHE diamond nectar A popular flowering enhancer, General Hydroponics Diamond Nectar is a combination of humic and fulvic acid that enhances the growth of your plants and helps to keep the healthy. Soluble humates – fulvic and humic acid – are naturally occurring plant growth enhancers that improve the uptake and transport of nutrients in growing plants. This in turn leads to faster vegetative grow…
GHE Essentials GHE Essentials
In stock
Bio Essentials For all growing methods: hydroponics and soil An essential complement for all fertilizers Bio Essentials is a unique product: it is a comprehensive concentration of micro nutrients in a chelated form, plus essential sub micro particles and an organic buffer. It is used as a complement to the nutritive solution in soil and water culture, as well as in foliar spray. Micro and sub-micr…
GHE Florabloom GHE Florabloom
£9.60 - £55.10
In stock
GHE Florabloom FloraBloom is contains high levels of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and sulphur to stimulate fruit and flower development, as well as encouraging root formation and growth in younger plants. It also improves flavour and aroma as well as enhancing essential oils.
GHE FloraGro GHE FloraGro
£9.60 - £54.95
In stock
GHE FloraGro The FloraGro promotes structural and foliar growth for developing plants and is used throughout the life of the plant. It primarily contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as well as secondary minerals.
GHE FloraMicro GHE FloraMicro
£11.20 - £74.95
In stock
GHE FloraMicro FloraMicro is the ‘building block’ of the nutrients, providing essential micronutrients as well as nitrogen, potassium and calcium. It is available in either hard or soft water variants.
Ripen Ripen
£5.80 - £53.20
In stock
Ripen A ‘forcing solution’, General Hydroponics Ripen is a late stage nutrient that can be used to speed up the final stages of fruiting and flowering. Ripen is particularly useful for outdoor plants where bad weather threatens to ruin a harvest, or for indoor plants suffering from a disease or pest problem to enable at least part of the crop to be salvaged. It will create a strong signal in the p…


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