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Amino treatment Amino treatment
£30.75 - £84.40
In stock
AMINO TREATMENT Revolutionary growth enhancer This all-round amino acid and silica booster has a well-deserved reputation as a ground-breaking blend. The premium amino acids increase chlorophyll production to speed-up photosynthesis. This results in larger, better-formed flowers and increased flavours and aromas. To prevent pest attacks we’ve added premium organic mono-silicic acid. This creates a…
Bud XL Bud XL
£32.45 - £136.50
In stock
BUD XL Maximize fruiting potential This best-seller uses the sugars already in the leaves to speed up growth and improve flavour and aroma. Bud XL’s enzymes extract sugars from the leaves and carry them to the flowers and fruit. This encourages plants to produce terpenes which sweeten aroma and flavour naturally. The sugars also provide energy which speeds up flower and fruit growth. The added ami…
Drip Clean Drip Clean
£10.95 - £30.40
In stock
House & Garden Drip Clean House & Garden Drip Clean is a must for anyone using a drip irrigation system such as Auto pots or an IWS dripper system, as well as all other types of drip fed system. Drip Clean works as a magnet, removing dirt particles from your piping every time the plants are fed. This ensures they remain clean and free of blockages, meaning less headaches as the plants develop. Dri…
Multi Zyme Multi Zyme
£20.60 - £90.20
Out of stock
MULTI ZYME The growth accelerator The rich blend of enzymes, co-enzymes and vitamins in Multi Zyme increases nutrient uptake and accelerates growth in 3 key ways. Thickens the cambium layer – the plant’s internal plumbing system. This boosts the immune system and creates more flowering sites. Dissolves old roots – to provide an additional food source and create space for healthy, productive new ro…
PK 13/14 PK 13/14
£7.45 - £44.90
In stock
PK 13/14 House and Garden PK 13-14 House & Garden PK 13-14 stimulates rapid fruit and flower formation by providing your plants with a large amount of phosphorus and potassium over a period of 3 to 4 days. This creates the illusion of a drought within the plant, stopping the growth cycle completely and forcing it into the flowering cycle. Phosphorous and potassium are important building blocks for…
Shooting powder x 1 Shooting powder x 1
In stock
SHOOTING POWDER The original and best flower stimulator This powerful flowering stimulator gives exceptional results thanks to the high grade of Phosphorus and Potassium in the ingredients. Shooting Powder forces a second surge in flowering, significantly increasing yield size. A new layer is created on top of the existing fruit, often increasing yields by up to 20% without loss of taste or aroma!…
Top Booster Top Booster
£15.50 - £60.60
In stock
TOP BOOSTER Natural Flower Stimulator. Top Booster tricks the plant into acting as though it is in its final stage of its life cycle, creating a natural autumn effect. This prompts the plant to form flowers and fruits to reproduce itself. We've also added Eddha-Fe (iron) to ensure healthy leaf colour. It provides plants with the Phosphorous and Potassium they crave during flowering, resulting in s…
Top Shooter Top Shooter
£28.70 - £85.50
In stock
TOP SHOOTER Yield Booster This powerful flowering stimulator is a liquid version of the ever popular Shooting Powder. It gives exceptional results and is extremely popular worldwide. Top Shooter forces plants into a new flower stage after the first stage has finished, significantly increasing yield size. A new layer is created on top of the existing fruit, increasing yields by up to 20% without lo…


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