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Plant magic

Alga box set Alga box set
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Top grow box. The Top Grow Box includes everything for the culture at 1 m 2 . The Top Grow Box 100% NATURAL is an ideal box if you smell, taste and quality are important. The biological basis feeds Alga Grow and Alga Bloom in the box stimulate growth and flowering and improve soil structure. application All for culture on 1 m 2 . Features Suitable soil mixes for all types. Choose the Top Grow Box…
Bio silicon Bio silicon
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Plant Magic Plus - Bio-Silicon Bio-Silicon is specially formulated for soil/compost users containing a uique blend of humic and silicate to increase your crops performance. Larger stems and stronger plants are abundantly visible using this product. A unique blend of humic and silicate specially formulated for soil applications. Bio-Silicon strengthens cell walls resulting in visibly thicker stems…
Bio Wetter Bio Wetter
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Bio Wetter: Bio-wetter is an organic wetting agent offering a 100% concentrate of Yukka. When used as a foliar it will actively stimulate all micro life on the plants surfaces helping with the absorption of more trace elements, increasing overall plant health. Not only can this be used as a wetting agent but it has the added benefit of doubling-up as a soil drench; an excellent tool for softening…
Boost veg Boost veg
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Plant Magic Plus - Veg Boost A powerful bio stimulant for the vegetative stage that stimulates the activity of beneficial micro organisms resulting in increased nutrient availability. When used as a soil drench, it will change the structure of the medium to a crumb like texture increasing aeration and preventing stagnation.
Boosting powder Boosting powder
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Plant Magic - Boosting Powder 65g NEW! From Plant Magic! Boosting Powder premium PK booster forces a second flowering cycle increasing the amount of fruits. Once the flower sites have developed and fruits start to form Plant Magic Boosting Powder ensures vigorous growth which leads to improved yields, fruit density and aroma.
Ca 9% 1L Ca 9% 1L
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Ca 9% 1L
Catalyst Catalyst
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Catalyst 100% organic seaweed extract containing natural growth stimulants. Increases protein and carb production and stimulates root development and top end growth. Catalyst is created using a water extraction process, rather than chemical or high temperature extraction. The resulting product is purer and slightly acidic, vastly increasing the speed of uptake. Use during the vegetative stage. The…
Evolution Evolution
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Plant Magic Plus - Evolution Plant Magic Evolution significantly speeds up the vegetative stage, promoting overall growth and increasing the number of healthy new shoots produced; gearing the plant for bountiful fruits and flowers. A unique formula, Plant Magic Evolution provides an abundance of benefits: - Improved photosynthesis leading to rapid vertical growth - Healthier plants - More fruit se…
Fe 5% 1L Fe 5% 1L
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Fe 5% 1L
Granules Granules
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Granules A granular innoculant comprised of Mycorrhizal fungi, bio-stimulants and over 20 strains of micro organisms. When added to soil or coco, the Mycorrhizal fungi forms a symbiotic relationship with the roots; breaking down elements and making them available to the plants whilst feeding on the carbs that the plants produce. Think of them as a root extension, increasing nutrient uptake and spe…
Green sensation Green sensation
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Green sensation
Hydro Silicon Hydro Silicon
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Hydro Silicon Hydro Silicon is the strongest silicon based product on the market to date! It is a re-formulation of the ever popular BioSilicon and designed with Coco and Hydro growers in mind. Hydro Silicon not only gives stronger, thicker stems but will also speed up photosynthesis and nutrient uptake. The key to Hydro Silicon’s amazing results is the extra ingredients in the form of premium Bio…


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